Razerline was established 30 years ago and has grown to become one of the most respected brands in the Australian boating community. All Razerline boats are crafted, repaired and altered by skilled tradesmen.

If you are considering purchasing or building a new boat, our professional Perth-based aluminium boat architects are on hand to assist you. We work alongside you on the design or alterations of your boat, and offer an exceptional finished product that is safe and ready for open water.

Boat Building Services

Razerline’s craftsmen are skilled in commercial boat building and we offer a superior line of a well-conceived, well-made, Australian crafted boats giving you great open water experiences in the wide blue waters, estuaries and oceans. Tell us what you envision, and we will construct a boat to your specifications.  All of our customised boats are built to offer you ‘The Lifestyle Experience’. Razerline build to all survey classifications for charter, fishing, sea rescue or patrol boats.

Boat Alteration Services

Razerline also offers boat alteration services. We are fully equipped with the best facilities available. In line with our many services we also finish decks, construct new hulls, and our marine painting service is highly sought-after.  Contact us for more about our complete range of boat alteration services in Perth.

Boat Repair Services

Razerline’s custom boat building facilities are used by our skilled craftsmen who have combined two decades of boat building experience to immaculately repair your boats. Our team are experienced in repairing all forms of aluminium boats used for pleasure or commercial purposes.  We also offer repairs and alterations on insurance work.  Contact us to discuss our complete range of repair services

Boat Customisation

Razerline has a variety of options available to customise your boat to your specific needs. Whether it’s for fishing, sports, pleasure or a rescue craft. We customise boats to satisfy all client and industry safety and aesthetic requirements. It is our sole purpose to supply you with your ideal craft. We work closely with boat/yacht clubs and associations to ensure the optimal customisation of our boats meet industry standards allowing you to race competitively.


When you design your boat with Razerline we understand everyone has their own personal preference and allegiance to engine types. We are not wedded to one brand and although we have our professional opinions and preference we are always of the mindset of the customer is always right!

Our premium quality aluminium boats are guaranteed on all repairs and services. With a history of excellence, choosing Razerline as your boat builders and repairers ensures nothing but the finest aluminium boats. Contact (0428 168 423) Razerline for all your aluminium boating requirements.