Perth’s Top 8 Boat Fishing Spots

Western Australia has one of the most breathtaking coastlines in the world. Known for its pristine white sandy beaches, Perth’s clear blue waters also contains some of the best fishing spots WA has to offer. With an abundance of marine life ready for the catch, we reel in the top 8 boat fishing spots in Perth:

Five Fathom Bank

Located west of Garden Island, and offshore, Five Fathom Bank offers a wide variety of fish that make for some exciting and great catches. Concentrate on the ocean side drop off and use your fish finder until you locate some activity, and then mark it on your GPS. The types of fish that can be found here include Red Snapper, King George Whiting, Flathead, Jewfish, Leatherjacket and many more. For bait types, you want to be using octopus, squid, herring, mullet, prawns or mulie.

North Mole Fremantle

Located in Fremantle, North Mole inhabits a wide variety of fish that come in and out with the tides as they move south to south-west. Perfect fishing times are usually in the late afternoon as the sun goes down or in the evening. Early morning catches before the sun comes up have been said to be fruitful. Be on the lookout for spanish mackerel in summer and schools of salmon around Easter. The types of fish that can be caught here include Herring, Salmon, King George Whiting, Skippy, Sharks, Bonito, Squid and Snapper.

Blackwall Reach

Considered to be one of Perth’s hottest fishing spots, Blackwall Reach offers both your typical river fish, as well as an array of saltwater fish. It is best to headout onto the water about 10 metres from the wall before sunrise to maximise your opportunities. The types of fish that can be caught here include large Flathead and Herring, Snapper, Black Bream, Tarwhine, and even Bull Sharks and Dhulfish.  

Rottnest Island

Perfect location for a day trip of fishing and other activities, Rottnest Island not only has spectacular views but also home to a paradise of fish. Whether you choose to fish off the rocks, beaches, jetties, or a boat, you are pretty much guaranteed to catch something from each cast. The types of fish that can be caught on Rottnest include Herring, Whiting, large Tailor, Samson, Trevally, Mulloway, Skipjack, Garfish, Pike, King George Whiting, Westralian Jewfish and even rays.

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Two Rocks

Twos Rocks has an abundance of reefs that aren’t too far offshore and contain a wide variety species of fish. The best times to fish are usually dawn just before the sun rises and dawn. Expect to find Dhulfish, Pink Snapper, Samson, Tailor, and Mulloway.

  1. Ocean Reef

Whether your fishing inshore, offshore or even in the harbour, there is a multitude of reefs out here that is rich in marine life. The best fishing times are usually early in the morning, starting before sunrise and then late in afternoon to evening. The types of fish caught here can include Tailor, Skippy, Whiting, Dhufish, Pink Snapper and Samson.


An ultimate fishing location for beginners and pros, Hillarys offers both inshore and offshore fishing. Inshore, eager fishermen can cast off the rocks walls and jetties and catch King George Whiting, Skippy, Tailor, Bream and Snook. Offshore fishing can be rewarded with Pink Snapper, Samsona and Dhufish.

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Cockburn Sound to Rockingham

Covering a wide stretch of ocean, the Cockburn Sound to Rockingham route, offshore and inshore, has a massive range of species of fish ready for the catch. There are numerous wrecks, reefs, drop offs and small islands all within a short distance from each other and can be accessed via most boat ramps in Rockingham. On this course you will typically find Pink Snapper, Tailor, Herring, Yellowtail Kingfish, King George Whiting, Trevally and Samson.

Whether it is inshore or offshore, it is clear that Perth has some amazing fishing spots crowded with a multitude of species of fish.
If you are interested in going offshore, make sure your boat is equipped with the safety equipment you might need along with your fishing ones and get all the repairs you boat might need before your fishing trip.

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