Company Profile


The Razerline family

Razerline was established 30 years ago and has grown to become one of the most respected brands in the Australian boating community. All Razerline boats are crafted, repaired and altered by skilled tradesmen.

Awarded the AMIF National Boat Finalist award by the Australian Marine Industries Federation (AMIF) in …, Razerline are completely equipped to repair, renovate, design and manufacture aluminium crafts to exact specifications.

As a trusted source for 2nd and 3rd time boat purchasers, charter-, tour-, and commercial boat owners, as well government departments of fishery and conservation management, we understand the safety and detailed boating needs of our clients.

Our high quality vessels are designed and manufactured in Western Australia, and each boat is built with fine attention to detail using the finest quality materials. Razerline’s innovative designs and services, and products have superseded all client expectations thanks to the skill and experience of the Razerline crew.

Trust Razerline to meet all your boat requirements.

About Razerline


RazerLine has always been looking into the future, to design and deliver you the best built boats in their class. In recognition of that service RazerLine received many accolades. Razerline  won the West Austrliain boating awards 94,95,96 .The Australian Marine Industries Federation (AMIF), an independent body, awarded RazerLine with the AMIF National Boat Award and AMIF National Boat Finalist award.

Mission Statement

RazerLine's mission is to continuously strive to become the num.ber one boat builder that offers its customer a strong, sturdy, durable, and safe boat. RazerLine is committed to ensuring its customer’s boating experience is a pleasant experience with its extended unparalleled after sales service.

Nationwide Dealer Network

RazerLine has a successful dealer network achieved by establishing a conveniently located dealer network in Australia. RazerLine’s Sales and Service personnel are experienced and knowledgeable professionals devoted to bringing you the best possible sales and service experience. RazerLine is committed to ensuring every experience with us is a pleasurable one.