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  • Razerline winter sale up to $10,000 off your boat order till the end of august 2015   Conditions apply

Perth’s trusted source for customised aluminium boat designs, repairs and sales

Razerline has been Western Australia’s premier aluminium boating company for the past 30 years. Our award-winning business is fully equipped with boat repair, design and manufacturing facilities, while our crew is knowledgeable and experienced, ensuring we meet the needs of all your boating requirements.

The Razerline brand is recognised and respected in the boating community as all our boats are hand-crafted, with careful attention to detail.  Our clients’ boating preferences range from commercial crafts to the favourite – Razerline’s 7.2 Olympian -, and custom designs. We design, manufacture, repair and sell recreational and commercial aluminium boats that meet the extremely high industry standards.

We offer several services that include boat alterations, customisations and our excellent warranty on all goods and services to all clients including commercial owners, charter- and tour operators and government departments. As trusted aluminium boat builders and suppliers we offer a variety of brochures detailing our highly regarded products, which include a stock range of Eclipse, WA classic and Olympians, as well as:

Razerline Center Cab Brochure
Razerline RSV Range Brochure
Razerline 6.3m Brochure
Razerline 7.2m Brochure
WA Classic Brochure

Eclipse centre console brochure

Razerline trailer

Using only the best quality materials, manufacturing and building techniques we guarantee exceptional design, manufacture and repair services. Your boat needs to be safe at all times, and we are equipped to ensure that it is.

  • Razerline winter sale up to $10,000 off your boat order till the end of august 2015   Conditions apply


Contact (0428 168 423) Razerline for all your boat repairs, custom designs, and enquiries.



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